A High One from Stygia which Malakar made an Infernal Pact with


Saladin shifted through the rift, a blot against the darkness. His voice was gravel on gravel. ‘A DARKLING CALLS. YOU WISH TO MAKE THE PACT?’

Saladin is a High One (devil) from Stygia, the 7th Hell. In his desperation to escape the lunacy of the Elysium district, Malakar made a dark bargain with him. In exchange for his power, Malakar had to bring Saladin innocents for tormenting.

It’s theorized that Saladin must be extremly bored or extremely sadistic, as granting power to mortals in this way is an ancient violation of Infernal Law. This may be something Malakar can use to his advantage….


Pyramid of Shadows MarkCurtiss