Pyramid of Shadows

Your Questions Will be Answered Within the Tiny Pyramid

Tentacle Porn Probably Does Exist Somewhere

The mages of Saruun were extremely surprised to learn that Paldamar was trying to kill them. In their gratitude, they provided us with some gold and a +2 Subtle Khopesh! Based on what we learned from Paldamar’s notes, we headed off into the Winterbole Forest to the Pyramid of Shadows. Along the way, we encountered a doppelganger named Kobi (John’s new Fey Pact Warlock), who joined us in our quest.

In the town of Fallcrest we learned of the escaped criminal Gharash Vren, a dragonborn and wanted man. He appears to have fled into the Pyramid of Shadows. We headed there as well.

The Pyramid is an ancient prison. It holds the warlord Karavakos, who once led an army of devils to conquest and glory before his defeat in the feywild. To escape, we will need to kill him three times. The Mages of Saruun also want us to bring back any information we can get from him. Since the Pyramid has been collecting prisoners for many centuries, we can expect to encounter myriad enemies in a host of environments.

Upon entering the Pyramid, we were set upon by an Ettin Headhunter, who wanted Marie’s head, and a couple of carrion crawlers. There were also some zombie minions (now that the wizard is gone, it is safe for minions to return). We defeated them handily, and upon searching the room we found an artifact (!!!!!!). Head of Vyrellis

We found the the head of Vyrellis, an Eladrin woman. She is still lucid, somehow, and wants to be re-united with her former body. She is a racist and likes elves and eladrin better than other races. She won’t speak directly to anyone but Renleon, which was awkward.



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