Pyramid of Shadows

These Spirit Animals Seem Somehow...Familiar

I'm really raven' about the book imp

Our party is growing more populous! Malakar summoned an Infernal from the pits of the Nine Hells. It’s a raven named Shadowclaw. Meanwhile, Kobi hauled a book imp out of a book. Its name is Egbert.

Renleon found a magic shuriken, which he was anxious to try out. On everything. Marie agrees that he’s gone off the deep end, and should probably be done away with soon.

We laid low a small contingent of devilish fiends, backed by a flaming skull with a crystal ball. The crystal ball was nearly priceless—so of course Renleon smashed it to pieces. Man, what is it with that guy? The devils also had an enchanted bed that produced a copper piece every time it was searched. We searched it so many times it caught fire! Man, we’re destroying valuable artifacts left and right.

Eventually, we made our way to a sacred chamber, full of obelisks and a floating body. Veryllis began screeching to be put on the body, so we did, whereupon it attacked us. I think this is a moral here: You should be satisfied by your woman’s mind, not obsessed with her body.



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