Pyramid of Shadows

The One Where The Decision Is Made

-or- How to kill a friend in three easy steps!

What a day, journal. What. A. Day. First, Marie hears some rats in my bag and tries to get them out, then one of Vyrilis’ gems go missing.

At some point in the evening, while on watch, Marie decided it would be a good idea to bathe. While on watch. With our only source of potable water. She decided that it would be a further good idea to see if there were any rats in my bag of holding, of which I’m most grateful. Rats wouldn’t last long in there, there’s not much air. Everyone but me woke up, then Malakar stood over me and yelled, which caused me to respond the only way I know how. Without thinking, I lept up and put the knife that was somehow in my hand against his throat. I’m not a morning person, you see.

Anyway, we found the missing gem and the party decided that it would be a good idea to split them up from the head, such that it one goes missing they all don’t go with it.

After we broke camp, we found a chamber with lots of people milling around aimlessly and a large statute with four arms holding weapons. We went into what looked like the town chapel and were greeted most warmly by a man wearing lots of robes. Just as he was inviting us to sit down and pray with them, a woman ran up to Leikos crying “Billy! I’ve lost my little Billy!” The great leader told us to ignore her and invited us to try his free personality tests, which I was in favor of but Leikos and Malakar were nervous about. Instead, we viciously slayed the leader and his acolytes and took the townspeople for our own. At one point one of the acolytes busted through a wall and said “OH YEAH!” right before he perished. Leikos now has an army!

Some time later we came across a room with what looked like a tiefling but was actually an illusion hiding a trap with two gas dispensers and a wall of force blocking our escape route. I deftly disabled the devices while Malakar destroyed the wall of force with force of will.

And now to sleep, perchance to dream, of a way out of this tiny pyramid.




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