Pyramid of Shadows

Marie is hearing voices

Marie has been acting strangely – she seemed distant and distracted, and I swear I heard her mumble something about ‘voices.’ It would seem maybe we were too harsh on Renleon – is it possible the Pyramid is taking a toll on our sanity?

Then again, he did kill 34 people.

After Marie came to her senses, she approached one of the large gates – it opened to reveal another chamber with 3 doors and no visible means of opening them. Kobi and I examined the southern gate and felt the power of the Far Realm emanating from behind it. We also learned that each gate requires the entrant to pass a trial before they can exit. Our fearless leader was unable to help as he had been overcome with a case of sinner’s ass ; he gleefully informed us “Back in the city of Brass we used to do this to fertilize the mushrooms.” I can’t say I recall ever doing that, but he and I didn’t always run in the same social circles.

We entered the southern gate to find a room with a large crude inscription in Giant on the wall: “Gruhk wuz hear.” From behind the door we could hear sounds; I’m told it’s the sound of the ocean. Beyond the door we found 3 statues
  • a Tiefling in plate mail, wielding a sword
  • an Orc garbed in robes that identified him as a shaman
  • an Orc in scale armor and holding an axe.

Shadowclaw inspected the statues and reported back that they were eerily lifelike. It was at this point that Gruhk made his entrance – a blind giant with his eyes sewn shut. The reason for this was made clear when a medusa entered the room behind him! After a brief and perilous battle (some of us narrowly escape petrification), I blasted Gruhk’s eyes open. Overjoyed, he turned to look at the medusa, only to scream “YOU’RE NOT MY WIFE” before turning to stone.

Without her oversized protector the medusa was quickly dispatched: Marie lopped off the medusa’s head and a Patronus flew out. At this point, the floor in front of the exist was covered with slithering snakes, which cried out “Welcome to the first trial. Let those who embrace the darkness of ignorance walk forward heedless of all knowledge. The blind and deaf fear no danger, for the keeper of the way shall guide their steps.” I don’t know why the builders of such a magically advanced pyramid would find so much value in ignorance, but the snakes’ advice was true. With eyes closed, we walked over the pit and somehow found ourselves back in the main chamber.

We then set out to the east of the stairs and soon found ourselves in an ice-filled wing. The ice must have been enchanted because it could not be melted by any magical flame I could conjure nor by Marie’s flaming axe. Kobi tried to listen at the door to the next room but couldn’t hear over Shadowclaw’s flapping wings (or so he claims; I’ve never noticed the sound before). Finally we pushed open the door and knocked over the ice knight that was on the other side.

Soon we were locked in combat with several pale icy eladrin, but they were no match for our combined power. After destroying our foes, we slept in a nice-ass bed. Then we saw an icy corridor and were overcome with a desire to explore it.



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