Pyramid of Shadows

Knives don't kill Eladrin

Malakar kills Eladrin

I still don’t quite know how this happened, but somehow we had a lively discussion with a dragon and lived to tell the tale. I’ll try to put it down in words but some of it is still fuzzy with a high that I can only describe as “mushroom-like”.

We came upon a door that was icy cold, but Malakar was able to warm it up enough to open gently. As we entered the room, we spied on the other side a large white dragon, sleeping softly, as well as a giant purple amethist that Vyrilis demanded we procure. We had heard before that if we ever encountered a dragon we should offer it food and gems and perhaps it would let us live, so Malakar deftly butchered one of my long-lost kindred that was laying dead by the doorway. He and Marie then slowly approached the dragon with this meat, which Malakar called “reegrok loin”, and a diamond held out. The dragon greedily ate up the offering and then demanded more.

We bartered with the dragon, and it was agreed that we would bring more of the “reegrok” in exchange for 5 minutes to pick through and take what we wanted from the dragon’s horde. We returned to the hallway where Malakar again showed his skill in cutting up formerly living things, and then retrieved the amethist as well as a <insert>. The dragon was pleased with this transaction and sent us on our way, reminding us of our promise to tell his “helpers” (whom he had just eaten) how to find and prepare “reegrok” (which is what he just ate).

After we left the dragon to it’s lunch we proceeded down a hallway and came what appeared to be a gaping carving of a devil’s head, with giant gnashing teeth. Malakar sent his bird through, then proceded to be EATEN BY THE HEAD. All of my party members went through and were DEVOURED WHOLE, then one came back out, screamed at me, and pulled me in too, whereupon I passed out. After I came to everyone was back to healthy and they explained that it was just an illusion.

The walls were covered in pulsing flesh that oozed a purple slime, and there were a few monsters there that we killed. I was violated by some tentacles and Malakar was secretly jealous. Marie chopped down a wall with her axe and we went through to find the source of all the flesh, which we killed. It turned out to be a mindflayer that did something horrible.

Karavakos appeared then as in a vision and said “Not all of us are what wee seem. One of us is an abomination, kill us three times lolololOLOOLOLLLOL” and then disappeared as suddenly as he came.

The party decided to take Karavakos at his word and went into another room that had a giant swirling vortex. Inside the vortex we could see an abomination tied to two posts. We fought it mightly, even though it had tentacles, and Malakar killed it after I disabled the vortex. We got a mithril key.

All in all it was an exciting day and I look forward to dropping into a nice long dreamless sleep.




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