Pyramid of Shadows

Don't Fear the Treapers

In which our intrepid adventurers almost die because their healer is in a coma

I think the others suspect me of something, journal. It’s gotten so bad that I don’t know where the lies stop and the truth glimmers through. As we backtracked into the Arborean’s lair once again I caught them glancing at me more then once with their suspicious eyes…

There was little time for glancing when we came across a very large pit filled with shambling mounds and a very persuasive goat-looking fellow. He just wanted to play on his pan pipe, but he ended up dead at the bottom of the pit with the bodies of three shambling mounds. We chased after an Arborean that somehow escaped the previous apocalypse of fire into another large hedge maze that inexplicably contained a very large wild boar. He must have wandered in there and then grown so large he was unable to get out. Curious even further was that I could have sworn it coughed a few times before we killed it…

Throughout the day, Malakar kept approaching Kobi in what I can only describe as some sort of bizarre mating ritual. The words “In the ancient tradition we push our horns together” were oft repeated as we traveled onward towards our next adventure. Soon enough, we bumbled into another pit-like trap, with a slippery ramp and many small rats and a few disgusting creatures at the bottom. Malakar quickly dispatched the foul beasts by poisoning the putrid water they were residing in, while Kobi took care of the rats with a dark spell that cursed all of them at once. After all of the monsters were destroyed I had time to discover a small device hidden in the wall that, when tripped, tipped the floor back to level.

I shall be frank, journal. I do not know if I will be departing this pyramid alive. The lies I told will be the end of me this time, I feel it in my bones.




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