Pyramid of Shadows

Be wary of trees with a taste for blood

After reluctantly prying ourselves from the library, we headed for the demesne of the Arboreans with the seed of life, eagerly anticipating our reward. Upon arriving, we were greeted warmly and invited deeper into the creatures’ domain, where we were to be honored by the priest Camnor. The invitation left us somehow uneasy, and rightfully so, as it turned out. Whether or not they truly thought we would feel honored, they intended to feed their forest with our blood!

Needless to say, we were not amenable to the arrangement, and their decision to pursue the scheme led to fatal results for the Arboreans and their trees. In a bracing fight, we dispatched Camnor, his bear and a monstrous plant creature. Before leaving, Malakar, with considerable zeal, set ablaze each of the trees.

Backtracking through the realm of the Arboreans, we arrived once again at the outer maze, where we were beset by a couple of quicklings and more Arboreans. Though a hindrance, we cut through them and continued on our way.

On a side note, Renleon seems to have calmed down since his recent confusing revelations, but I suspect Malakar has not forgotten. He is not the only one to regard our companion warily. I am concerned about traveling with such a volatile character, whose sense of self-preservation can apparently lead to violent outbursts. While we are trapped in the pyramid and he needs our help, at least, that same self-preservation should keep him in check.

Seeking a treasure of knowledge and knowledge of treasure, KOBI ATRATUS



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