Pyramid of Shadows

Don't think of it as losing a rogue
Think of it as gaining a barbarian

Madness and an ill-timed entry have conspired to take away one of our number. This morning, Renleon’s (figurative) demons overcame his reason, and he snapped, lashing out in attack against Malakar. I saw the troubled look in his eye shortly before but didn’t understand its significance until it was too late. Renleon was surrounded from the outset; no doubt that did nothing to improve his state of mind. In the past I had often caught his distrusting glances, so I shouldn’t be entirely surprised. Is it possible he had occasion to overhear one our hushed conversations concerning the Rahmbeau matter?

At first, I still held out hope that we might resolve the situation without fatality, though Malakar obviously relished the opportunity. He, more than any other, had taken a hardline stance against Renleon, and this was the excuse he needed. While I can’t disagree with him on the points, I take no comfort in the joy he seemed to deriving from doing in a companion of so many months. There’s a darkness in him that lurks below the surface and sometimes shows through when he is caught in the moment, unguarded.

I called on Renleon to lay down arms, but I could not muster the requisite ferocity to cow him. Is it possible that I didn’t really want to save him? It is true that I am a relative newcomer to the party, but I believe I have become fairly close to my companions. The circumstances, certainly, have seen to that, but I feel even if we hadn’t been trapped in this cursed pyramid I would have come to see these individuals as my comrades. Maybe there was some mercy in inability to stop Renleon. Could he ever find peace in the mortal plane?

In the end, it was none of us who laid the final blow. The killing strike was made by the axe of a gargantuan figure who tumbled from above out of a portal. When he landed, we stood in stunned silence, watching as Renleon’s severed head slowly rolled to a stop. I hoped I could see the faint hint of a smile on the elf’s dead lips, but I might be deluding myself to assuage the sense of guilt. Of course, there was little time to think of such things, as we had to assess the intentions of the new arrival.

He declared himself as Thunk, and though he didn’t immediately take up that greataxe of his, his wariness was evident, and he gazed uneasily at the wounded and scorched body he had landed on. It was a delicate moment, but we assured him that if he would reciprocate, we held no hostile intent. I’m not sure what he made of our somewhat conflicting explanations concerning the dead elf, but he was satisfied enough to engage us on friendly terms, especially after the body inexplicably disappeared.

It turns out Thunk was out hunting hares-“bunnies,” to hear him tell-when he was told by a voice that he had to kill someone a single time. Obviously, though this might not have made particularly sense to him, he had come upon the entrance to the pyramid and had heard the prophecy concerning Karavakos, who, having been defeated twice, had but one more form to offer. As Thunk described his adventure, he swung the heavy axe effortlessly, making comments about violence that might have been unsettling if they hadn’t clearly been weak attempts at humor. We elicited more details about Thunk’s past and heard a disjointed narrative about his upbringing. He seemed particularly caught up on the memory of a couple of bullies, Lo-Kag and Thotham, if I understood correctly.

Apparently, Thunk had heard the Tooth Fairy song honoring our own Marie, which seemed to improve his disposition towards us. We introduced him to Vyrellis, whom he insensitively referred to as “the head” and declared a whore, though he later made what might have been conciliatory gesture; I’m not certain whether he meant to indicate he liked the head, any head, or simply head. At any rate, Thunk agreed to join us, not an unwelcome arrangement given our diminished numbers. Thunk projects a simple image, but I can’t help but suspect a certain cunning hidden behind the direct, almost childlike demeanor. And yet, it’s not as if he is intentionally hiding anything. I think he is unburdened by sophistication, but he is no fool.

Malakar, always resourceful, scouted out a variety of small twigs and leaves, which he placed lit in Shadowclaw’s beak so the familiar could see through the darkness as he scouted ahead. Upon returning, Shadowclaw described a cemetery—dried bones and scraps of funeral wrappings in alcoves.

We have journeyed long enough not to trust in the innocence of graveyards, so we entered cautiously and proceeded through. Not until we touched the opposite door was the trap sprung; the door by which we had entered slammed shut. The hands of what were obviously wights began to emerge from coffins in the adjoining chamber. A ghost appeared, and a good many pestilent rats beset us. The ghost’s shrill cry had a dazing effect that sent those affected reeling; I managed to stand my ground. The fight was by no means the most difficult we had ever engaged in, but it was a good opportunity to have a first look at Thunk’s prowess: he did well enough that I have no reservations about relying on his skills in future encounters. Once all our enemies had been dispatched, we searched the area, and Leïkos ended up with a finally crafted khopesh brimming with magical energy.

We continued on to the next room where we saw statues of a mummy, liche, vampire and death knight. Malakar took the opportunity to expound on the nature of liches, a subject which he evidently finds most fascinating—and indeed, it was quite intriguing, though I’m not convinced his interest is purely scholarly. As luck would have it, these were no ordinary statues, but released the actual monsters they represented. The death knight was talkative, declaring, “I am the Skull Lord,” but none of our adversaries put up a particularly significant fight, apart from the nuisance of repeatedly summoning vampire spawn. I did manage to properly execute a spell I had been working on; after hitting one enemy with a vicious barrage, I teleported him behind his ally, who he immediately attacked and killed. Afterwards he was left momentarily dazed. It’s always rewarding to move a spell from theory to practice and have everything come together just so.

As I close, I take a moment to honor Renleon’s memory. May he find peace wherever he has gone.


Somebody, cover Leikos!
Who will heal the healer, after all?

Our situation remains somber, yet I’d venture to say it is far from bleak. Even under these difficult circumstances, each of us has managed, in his own way, to further develop his prowess—I know I’ve found the wherewithal to add a few tricks to my repertoire. I also feel my offensive coordination with Malakar has improved. Perhaps we have some sense that our tribulations are nearing an end; I like to believe our hope is not misguided.

Of course, we are not like to forget that this place is dangerous. At one point, we came upon a bronze door with a most peculiar knob, cool and refreshing, if Malakar was to be believed. Renleon had a strange fascination with the thing, but ultimately we were able to convince him to step aside long enough to open the door. Inside, we found a maze whose walls encased haunted souls who pounded against the inner surface and cast a dreadful aura.

Malakar made some reference to alleys behind the Hall of Long Blades, which Leïkos promptly corrected to the Hall of Blackjacks. Those two have an impressive collection of misadventures in the City of Brass from which to draw tactical insight for virtually an occasion. Such insight was soon put to the test, as we were promptly attacked by four-armed skeletons wielding nasty scimitars. One of them made an invocation to one Super Mahreeo, who I can only surmise is some sort of evil god. Strange that one can travel so far and wide and still come across undiscovered mythologies.

The skeletons were joined by a pair of wailing ghosts that reminded me strongly of banshees. During the battle, both Leïkos and Renleon were rendered unconscious, a discouraging development. After being revived, Renleon certainly made up for lost time, dispatching both ghosts with an enthusiasm that was almost disturbing. The fellow has issues for sure, and I feel he has suffered the effects of the pyramid more than any other, perhaps in part due to his odd relationship with Vyrellis.

After tending our wounds, we traveled further and came to a room with a curtained area and a large black stone surrounded by four pillars. The curtain was a rich fabric displaying a spired castle embroidered in silver thread. Malakar sent Shadowclaw past the curtain where he reported finding the statue of a castle that produced an unnerving sense of homesickness for those who looked upon it. While trying to make sense of our surroundings, we were set upon by several small, shadowy humanoids whose quick and agile movements presented a certain amount of danger. They supported yet another instance of our foe Karavakos, who harassed us with an assortment of dark wizardry. We ultimately were victorious, though not before Leïkos again fell unconscious under the onslaught. He being our tactician and healer, I find this trend quite disturbing. Clearly, some changes must be made to prevent him from being placed in that position.

As it turns out, this latest Karavakos was not one of the pieces of his fractured soul that we have sought, but merely a spiritual shadow of that power-mad Tiefling. Oddly enough, this entity seemed to have no idea he was other than the genuine Karavakos, even as we defeated him. So our adventure continues. I have faith in our eventual success, but we have not faced our last dangers, I am sure.


The One Where The Decision Is Made
-or- How to kill a friend in three easy steps!

What a day, journal. What. A. Day. First, Marie hears some rats in my bag and tries to get them out, then one of Vyrilis’ gems go missing.

At some point in the evening, while on watch, Marie decided it would be a good idea to bathe. While on watch. With our only source of potable water. She decided that it would be a further good idea to see if there were any rats in my bag of holding, of which I’m most grateful. Rats wouldn’t last long in there, there’s not much air. Everyone but me woke up, then Malakar stood over me and yelled, which caused me to respond the only way I know how. Without thinking, I lept up and put the knife that was somehow in my hand against his throat. I’m not a morning person, you see.

Anyway, we found the missing gem and the party decided that it would be a good idea to split them up from the head, such that it one goes missing they all don’t go with it.

After we broke camp, we found a chamber with lots of people milling around aimlessly and a large statute with four arms holding weapons. We went into what looked like the town chapel and were greeted most warmly by a man wearing lots of robes. Just as he was inviting us to sit down and pray with them, a woman ran up to Leikos crying “Billy! I’ve lost my little Billy!” The great leader told us to ignore her and invited us to try his free personality tests, which I was in favor of but Leikos and Malakar were nervous about. Instead, we viciously slayed the leader and his acolytes and took the townspeople for our own. At one point one of the acolytes busted through a wall and said “OH YEAH!” right before he perished. Leikos now has an army!

Some time later we came across a room with what looked like a tiefling but was actually an illusion hiding a trap with two gas dispensers and a wall of force blocking our escape route. I deftly disabled the devices while Malakar destroyed the wall of force with force of will.

And now to sleep, perchance to dream, of a way out of this tiny pyramid.


Knives don't kill Eladrin
Malakar kills Eladrin

I still don’t quite know how this happened, but somehow we had a lively discussion with a dragon and lived to tell the tale. I’ll try to put it down in words but some of it is still fuzzy with a high that I can only describe as “mushroom-like”.

We came upon a door that was icy cold, but Malakar was able to warm it up enough to open gently. As we entered the room, we spied on the other side a large white dragon, sleeping softly, as well as a giant purple amethist that Vyrilis demanded we procure. We had heard before that if we ever encountered a dragon we should offer it food and gems and perhaps it would let us live, so Malakar deftly butchered one of my long-lost kindred that was laying dead by the doorway. He and Marie then slowly approached the dragon with this meat, which Malakar called “reegrok loin”, and a diamond held out. The dragon greedily ate up the offering and then demanded more.

We bartered with the dragon, and it was agreed that we would bring more of the “reegrok” in exchange for 5 minutes to pick through and take what we wanted from the dragon’s horde. We returned to the hallway where Malakar again showed his skill in cutting up formerly living things, and then retrieved the amethist as well as a <insert>. The dragon was pleased with this transaction and sent us on our way, reminding us of our promise to tell his “helpers” (whom he had just eaten) how to find and prepare “reegrok” (which is what he just ate).

After we left the dragon to it’s lunch we proceeded down a hallway and came what appeared to be a gaping carving of a devil’s head, with giant gnashing teeth. Malakar sent his bird through, then proceded to be EATEN BY THE HEAD. All of my party members went through and were DEVOURED WHOLE, then one came back out, screamed at me, and pulled me in too, whereupon I passed out. After I came to everyone was back to healthy and they explained that it was just an illusion.

The walls were covered in pulsing flesh that oozed a purple slime, and there were a few monsters there that we killed. I was violated by some tentacles and Malakar was secretly jealous. Marie chopped down a wall with her axe and we went through to find the source of all the flesh, which we killed. It turned out to be a mindflayer that did something horrible.

Karavakos appeared then as in a vision and said “Not all of us are what wee seem. One of us is an abomination, kill us three times lolololOLOOLOLLLOL” and then disappeared as suddenly as he came.

The party decided to take Karavakos at his word and went into another room that had a giant swirling vortex. Inside the vortex we could see an abomination tied to two posts. We fought it mightly, even though it had tentacles, and Malakar killed it after I disabled the vortex. We got a mithril key.

All in all it was an exciting day and I look forward to dropping into a nice long dreamless sleep.


Marie is hearing voices

Marie has been acting strangely – she seemed distant and distracted, and I swear I heard her mumble something about ‘voices.’ It would seem maybe we were too harsh on Renleon – is it possible the Pyramid is taking a toll on our sanity?

Then again, he did kill 34 people.

After Marie came to her senses, she approached one of the large gates – it opened to reveal another chamber with 3 doors and no visible means of opening them. Kobi and I examined the southern gate and felt the power of the Far Realm emanating from behind it. We also learned that each gate requires the entrant to pass a trial before they can exit. Our fearless leader was unable to help as he had been overcome with a case of sinner’s ass ; he gleefully informed us “Back in the city of Brass we used to do this to fertilize the mushrooms.” I can’t say I recall ever doing that, but he and I didn’t always run in the same social circles.

We entered the southern gate to find a room with a large crude inscription in Giant on the wall: “Gruhk wuz hear.” From behind the door we could hear sounds; I’m told it’s the sound of the ocean. Beyond the door we found 3 statues
  • a Tiefling in plate mail, wielding a sword
  • an Orc garbed in robes that identified him as a shaman
  • an Orc in scale armor and holding an axe.

Shadowclaw inspected the statues and reported back that they were eerily lifelike. It was at this point that Gruhk made his entrance – a blind giant with his eyes sewn shut. The reason for this was made clear when a medusa entered the room behind him! After a brief and perilous battle (some of us narrowly escape petrification), I blasted Gruhk’s eyes open. Overjoyed, he turned to look at the medusa, only to scream “YOU’RE NOT MY WIFE” before turning to stone.

Without her oversized protector the medusa was quickly dispatched: Marie lopped off the medusa’s head and a Patronus flew out. At this point, the floor in front of the exist was covered with slithering snakes, which cried out “Welcome to the first trial. Let those who embrace the darkness of ignorance walk forward heedless of all knowledge. The blind and deaf fear no danger, for the keeper of the way shall guide their steps.” I don’t know why the builders of such a magically advanced pyramid would find so much value in ignorance, but the snakes’ advice was true. With eyes closed, we walked over the pit and somehow found ourselves back in the main chamber.

We then set out to the east of the stairs and soon found ourselves in an ice-filled wing. The ice must have been enchanted because it could not be melted by any magical flame I could conjure nor by Marie’s flaming axe. Kobi tried to listen at the door to the next room but couldn’t hear over Shadowclaw’s flapping wings (or so he claims; I’ve never noticed the sound before). Finally we pushed open the door and knocked over the ice knight that was on the other side.

Soon we were locked in combat with several pale icy eladrin, but they were no match for our combined power. After destroying our foes, we slept in a nice-ass bed. Then we saw an icy corridor and were overcome with a desire to explore it.

In Which We Lose Our Demonic Ally

The party then found themselves looking up at a narrow staircase spiraling up into the great unknown. Malakar sent Shadowclaw up to scout things out. However, the trusty raven met with foul play, and when resurrected, told us there was a harpy waiting in the stairwell for us. Malakar wanted to send Thath’kul ahead, but Kobi advised against it. After all, there is a certain other member of our party who may be more expendable and even less trustworthy, and this certain elf happens to have excellent sneaking skills. And so Renleon was the first to begin the ascension up the stairs.

Once on the stairs, Renleon noticed “seams” that may have indicated that the stairs are capable of moving. He delicately placed one toe on the first step, and the stairs immediately shook under him and tripped him. From his new vantage point on the ground, he could see hinges and seams, indicating that the stairs could move, but were now trapped in the narrow corridor. With this knowledge, he continued up the stairs with extreme caution. The caution was to no avail, however, as when he came to the second level of stairs, they clamped right down on his foot. A harpy suddenly appeared, and the whole party began fighting it as Renleon struggled to release his foot. He was finally able to spot a means to disengage the trap – by sticking a dagger into a certain mechanism. As he freed himself, he daydreamed that he was actually sticking his dagger into a bright-eyed two-year-old child.

By this time, two gargoyles had joined the fray, and the party, oblivious to Renleon’s homicidal fantasies, had beaten them down. Before dying, however, they turned into stone. This reminded Malakar of a childhood game he and Leikos knew of, Reeg Rock, where they would push friends off of precipices. They put those memories to good use, and shoved one stone gargoyle over the edge of the staircase. The two tieflings then Put Their Horns Together In The Ancient Tradition, leaving Kobi to deal with the other gargoyle. He quickly disposed of it by doing an intimidating tap dance, and it crumbled where it stood.

The party ascended the rest of the stairs without incident. At the top, we saw hallways with demon idols on the walls with wide open mouths. Shadowclaw again was sent into a demon mouth as a scout, and again met with demise. Immediately, two berserkers and two manglers emerged from other demon mouths, and stated very eloquently, “We’re gonna kill you”. The demon mouths began biting at the air in front of them and saying, nearly as eloquently, “food, food, feed us now”. From another demon mouth, a grue entered and joined the 4 monsters already threatening to kill us. When standing near these monsters, the party members found themselves feeling slightly out-of-control, as though we may hit anything standing near us. Marie accidentally hit Malakar with her battle axe, but luckily it was in its fiery state and the tiefling took less damage than he otherwise would. Oops. Marie then went on to redeem herself by landing two critical hits on one bad guy, followed by another impressive shot at his companion. After the party had finished doing away with the monsters, and Marie had collected their teeth for her necklace, we fed the corpses to the famished demon mouths. They must have been grateful, as they spit back out a +2 flaming dagger which Renleon is now using (for the time being…)

We put up for the night in a small adjacent room that had two beds and some comfy-looking floor space. Malakar worked his magic and was able to lock the door for the night, but we couldn’t convince Thath’kul to join us. He insisted that he was too claustrophobic and would remain sleeping in the outer chamber through the night. In the morning, however, the demon had vanished! He must have run away from us. We had to break this news to Vyrellis and she was made to understand that we “sent him away” because of her great dislike for him. This pleased the head, and she is now back on good terms with Renleon.

As the party set out for the morning, we discovered a secret door in the Southern wall. On the other side was a large dimly lit room with three gates – one to the West, one to the South, and one to the Northeast.

In the DM's world all women are liars

Vyrellis took the loss of her body remarkably well – as we entered the next chamber she began exclaiming that there were powerful artifacts just beyond the frozen door. I’ve been getting more comfortable leading when Leïkos is unable to, so I urged Renleon to listen at the door.

Unfortunately he seems to be falling faster into madness. He promptly pulled Vryellis out of his backpack and slammed her against the door while commanding her to listen. Up to this point she has been remarkably patient with Renleon but this really pissed her off and soon there was a scene.

Perhaps it is because I see some of myself in Renleon that his descent troubles me as much as it does. I could have easily wound up like him had I not realized my kind’s lust for power cannot be followed to its conclusion. In Elysium we said someone going down this path was “losing his eye”: tracing the steps of the Maimed God, Vecna, and betraying everyone in his quest for power. He is still barking orders at the space where his allies once stood when the Enforcers put him down like the animal he’s become.

Does Renleon realize what a dark and well-trod path he is following?

To end the unpleasantness between Renleon and Vyrellis (and to get at the artifacts!) I blasted the door with fire, which, surprisingly enough, shattered it. Behind it were several pillars of ice which immediately started thawing, and in each pillar was one of the animate corpses we keep encountering. We quickly set to work dispatching them, as my fiery nature was causing the rest of the room to thaw at an alarming rate. (Someone – it was hard to tell who in the din of battle – dubbed me Malakar “the Space Heater” D’Nossos). Leïkos made great use of his new “Harlequin style” which is very strange but undeniably effective, while Marie was able to bolster our defense with her all-encompassing shield.

As we fought, a shrill mezzodemon came barreling through the room and begging safe passage. We tried to reason with him, as he’s one of the denizens of the Pyramid that hasn’t attacked on site, but Vyrellis wouldn’t SHUT HER FUCKING MOUTH. Eventually it came out that the two knew each other.

Long ago, Thath’kul (the newcomer) was a general in Karavakos’s army and was instrumental in a planned coup. However when the moment of truth came, Thath’kul did not follow through. Shamed by his failure, he snapped and killed 34 civilians which is why Vyrellis hates him so much. She admitted that she made up the story about the artifacts in order to direct us to that room so she could see Thath’kul brought to justice. (I wonder how much she overheard about Renleon’s past??)

We offered Thath’kul a position in our group, figuring an ally is always more valuable than an enemy. He accepted and is journeying with us now, although we fully expect him to bolt or turn on us at any time. This angered Vyrellis greatly and she refused to help us anymore until Thath’kul was dead, but we didn’t feel that we needed any more of her manipulative “help.”

Heading downstairs we found a large area with rope bridges connecting various ends of the room. In the room were a few fragile harpies and several sahuagin who promptly hurled their tridents at us. I think they need better leadership, as this was a pretty grave tactical error. Soon we were picking them off as they swam to retrieve their weapons. They seemed to realize how fucked they were because they quickly lost their spirit – the lifeless corpses upstairs put up more of a fight.

By our reckoning we are very nearly done exploring this insane Pyramid. Soon we will bring justice to all those who have eluded it so long, and our party will emerge richer. Then Shadowclaw and I can pore over this Infernal book and see if it holds the key to my redemption…

These Spirit Animals Seem Somehow...Familiar
I'm really raven' about the book imp

Our party is growing more populous! Malakar summoned an Infernal from the pits of the Nine Hells. It’s a raven named Shadowclaw. Meanwhile, Kobi hauled a book imp out of a book. Its name is Egbert.

Renleon found a magic shuriken, which he was anxious to try out. On everything. Marie agrees that he’s gone off the deep end, and should probably be done away with soon.

We laid low a small contingent of devilish fiends, backed by a flaming skull with a crystal ball. The crystal ball was nearly priceless—so of course Renleon smashed it to pieces. Man, what is it with that guy? The devils also had an enchanted bed that produced a copper piece every time it was searched. We searched it so many times it caught fire! Man, we’re destroying valuable artifacts left and right.

Eventually, we made our way to a sacred chamber, full of obelisks and a floating body. Veryllis began screeching to be put on the body, so we did, whereupon it attacked us. I think this is a moral here: You should be satisfied by your woman’s mind, not obsessed with her body.

Don't Fear the Treapers
In which our intrepid adventurers almost die because their healer is in a coma

I think the others suspect me of something, journal. It’s gotten so bad that I don’t know where the lies stop and the truth glimmers through. As we backtracked into the Arborean’s lair once again I caught them glancing at me more then once with their suspicious eyes…

There was little time for glancing when we came across a very large pit filled with shambling mounds and a very persuasive goat-looking fellow. He just wanted to play on his pan pipe, but he ended up dead at the bottom of the pit with the bodies of three shambling mounds. We chased after an Arborean that somehow escaped the previous apocalypse of fire into another large hedge maze that inexplicably contained a very large wild boar. He must have wandered in there and then grown so large he was unable to get out. Curious even further was that I could have sworn it coughed a few times before we killed it…

Throughout the day, Malakar kept approaching Kobi in what I can only describe as some sort of bizarre mating ritual. The words “In the ancient tradition we push our horns together” were oft repeated as we traveled onward towards our next adventure. Soon enough, we bumbled into another pit-like trap, with a slippery ramp and many small rats and a few disgusting creatures at the bottom. Malakar quickly dispatched the foul beasts by poisoning the putrid water they were residing in, while Kobi took care of the rats with a dark spell that cursed all of them at once. After all of the monsters were destroyed I had time to discover a small device hidden in the wall that, when tripped, tipped the floor back to level.

I shall be frank, journal. I do not know if I will be departing this pyramid alive. The lies I told will be the end of me this time, I feel it in my bones.


Be wary of trees with a taste for blood

After reluctantly prying ourselves from the library, we headed for the demesne of the Arboreans with the seed of life, eagerly anticipating our reward. Upon arriving, we were greeted warmly and invited deeper into the creatures’ domain, where we were to be honored by the priest Camnor. The invitation left us somehow uneasy, and rightfully so, as it turned out. Whether or not they truly thought we would feel honored, they intended to feed their forest with our blood!

Needless to say, we were not amenable to the arrangement, and their decision to pursue the scheme led to fatal results for the Arboreans and their trees. In a bracing fight, we dispatched Camnor, his bear and a monstrous plant creature. Before leaving, Malakar, with considerable zeal, set ablaze each of the trees.

Backtracking through the realm of the Arboreans, we arrived once again at the outer maze, where we were beset by a couple of quicklings and more Arboreans. Though a hindrance, we cut through them and continued on our way.

On a side note, Renleon seems to have calmed down since his recent confusing revelations, but I suspect Malakar has not forgotten. He is not the only one to regard our companion warily. I am concerned about traveling with such a volatile character, whose sense of self-preservation can apparently lead to violent outbursts. While we are trapped in the pyramid and he needs our help, at least, that same self-preservation should keep him in check.

Seeking a treasure of knowledge and knowledge of treasure, KOBI ATRATUS


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